He hits his sentence to 30 years of disqualification?


The one-two of 50 ‘and 51’, first with the punishment of Canna and then with the second day of Palazzani meta propitiated this time from the wing drain Balekana, has definitively addressed the race on the side of zebras, which in the final they then found Meyer with the winning idea for the fourth goal and the bonus point that is also the first away win of the season. Next Saturday in Parma, the second leg will be giving away five other vital points for the European path of Zebras, so that they can play a historic result over two legs in January with La Rochelle. Mattia Matthew Zanardo Pia

October 15, 2018 – ROMAmagnini No ruling on the case Magnini.L’ex World bicampione the 100 freestyle, accused by the anti-doping prosecutor of the Italian Nado consumption and attempted use of doping substances (art. 2.2 Wada code), as well as administration or attempted administration of prohibited substances (2.8) and abetting (2.9) yesterday stumped the panel of judges of the first section of the national anti-doping Tribunal (chaired by Adele Rando), which after deliberation decided to postpone the sentencing to 6 November at 14. the prosecutor, Pierfilippo Laviani had asked for the former sprinter the eight years disqualification.

The Pesaro, 36, had already been acquitted in a criminal court as part of the process to the nutritionist Guido Pigs. The court has not reached a certain uniformity of judgment after hearing the defense of the championship and opted for a discussion.

Magnini was accompanied by his lawyers as well as Roger and Francis Stincardini mate, his girlfriend Giorgia Palmas, which at the time of the hearing has obviously not seen, and Michele Santucci was supposed to be even heads of the process but will asc0ltato directly to his hearing scheduled Wednesday. In the four-hour debate and an indictment by the prosecution of one hour, two hours for the defense and one for the closed session, the swimmer has personally intervened to explain “the truth, I told the truth, I told my truth: they are totally unconnected with the facts.

Now I am calm. We explained everything very well, I’m happy because my lawyers have managed to bring out the truth. The sentence has been delayed because of the complexity of the case, it is an important thing because I’m there. I am calm, we will see on November 6. I do not imagine anything, I learned not to think and to look at the facts. Now I’m happy because after a year and a half we could talk.

At this time I think I’ve always behaved well because I never gave interviews, I always kept a low profile. Now I feel better now that I spoke I took a deep breath. I know I have told the truth, I think it matters all that was my career and the facts. ” In his statement to the judges, Magnini has reconstructed the story in painstaking manner. “If going back I would continue to be followed by him? Probably yes, because when I was following him I did all things lawful.

It is a fact that he has followed so many athletes and has always behaved in a certain way. He hits his sentence to 30 years of disqualification? I do not know, there are many degrees of judgment and have opened up many processes, I can only judge what has been done on my person and in my path, who has tried other paths will have made his remarks. Hard to talk when you are totally unconnected with the facts. ” Valerio Piccioni  @ vaprap

March 13, 2019 – Milan The referee Oscar Julian Ruiz. From the web In Colombia a real storm is sweeping the referees. In particular, end up in the eye was Oscar Julian Ruiz, one of the most famous referees of the country. The race director would be responsible for sexual harassment and blackmail against other colleagues. A point the finger at Ruiz are mild South American arbitrage would be responsible for sexual harassment and attempted blackmail against some colleagues.

The great accusers Harold Perilla and Carlos Chavez, who denounced the special “attention” of the referee Ruiz. allegations – Heavy accusations directed at Ruiz, in particular those of Perilla that leave no room for interpretation: “I was harassed constantly by Ruiz – he said – From 2007 and until the moment I left the refereeing. He tried to touch in the lower parts and made several insinuations of a sexual nature. ” In addition to the harassment, even blackmail: “He said he could get me away, because he had a lot of power.” Indeed, Ruiz had a lot of power: specifically his role allowed him to choose the members of the Management Association referees, the body that sets the nominations.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV career – In Colombia, the name of Oscar Ruiz has a similar value to what could have we Hill: whistled in the World Cup in 2002, 2006 and 2010 and was elected several times best referee of South America, has the direct competition record in Copa Libertadores (106) and finished in third place in a ranking of statistical Federation on the best referees of 2001-2010, on a par with its Italian Pierluigi Collina and behind only Lubos Michel and Markus Merk. That’s why the allegations concerning him are leaving dismayed Colombian football. The other official protagonist of the story, Carlos Chavez, wanted to tell an episode, “Once Ruiz touched my testicles 1xb et as I got out of the shower, telling me that it was a payment.” Phrases that certainly are not good for football and in particular to the Colombian who at this very moment, in addition to a total crisis linked to football movement, is experiencing another sex scandal concerning the national women’s team and the Under 17. Gasport

January 26, 2019 – Milan complicated Round, balanced with so many challenges and difficult choices to make fantasy football last weekend before the end of the transfer market. Let us orient ourselves by studying the role positions the hottest names in the Magic of this 21st day. goalkeepers – Safety Parma at home undergoes little, the away Spal marks with the dropper: your choice in the door can fall on Sepe, who is also in decent shape (see 7 report card against Udinese).

From modifier The match against Sassuolo has certified the splendid moment of Samir Handanovic (Inter): in Turin you can point back on a good report card in the optical modifier. The chance to parry para (much), but the challenge with Fiorentina is not the easy ones. Those who still bet on Sorrentino (Chievo)?

Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus captain. Getty defenders – Warranty Seeing mistakes a game is becoming an event type of Halley’s comet: how not to always choose and still Chiellini (Juventus)? Hope Two goals in the season, everyone at the Tardini, who knows that against Spal Bruno Alves (Parma) there presents another unexpected bonus. Surprisingly Since coming to Iachini he is back to push like old times.

Do not underestimate Pasqual (Empoli), especially in home games. Milan, a video to say “no to racism” midfielders – It pulls … He has not scored with the shirt of Sassuolo in Serie A, but in 2019 the goal of Napoli in the Italian Cup and touched goals against Inter, Locatelli He showed to have some strings in the Magic shot. Cagliari warned … Fit More plays and gives the impression of the stigmata of the sample.

Fabian Ruiz (Napoli) is now a certainty, even to fantasy football. Bet At Toro will have failed, but Bologna is shared with good pace. Soriano Who knows what it experiences as well taste to score. He has always done in the past … bull juve midfielders – This marks If he plays, it leaves a mark. Especially if he does more advanced, paired with Caputo.

Yes, Zajc (Empoli) can replicate the Cagliari goal against Genoa. The suggestion disqualified Ramirez, Riecco Saponara (Sampdoria) has recently done well in during the game, if something changes part owner? We’ll see. From retrieve De Zerbi is giving him confidence, but Djuricic (Sassuolo) is not paying technical and Magic coaches who believed in it.

With Boga that pushes the one against Cagliari can be one of the last opportunities to impress. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV attackers – Essential He recovered from his injury and now we have the certainty that even rigorous. Yes, English (Parma) has always been and still deploy.

Scent of +3 Milik (Napoli) has not scored at San Siro career. There’s always a first time and the clash with AC Milan may be the right time. The risk in the championship no goals since October 6.


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